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How To Calculate Australian Goods And Services Tax (GST)

To calculate the GST, enter the amount in the field & select your desired GST RATE from the dropdown menu. Then hit CALCULATE GST. Our Smart Australian GST Calculator will show you the GST amount at your selected GST rate for Australia.

GST Calculator Australia

GST Calc Australia

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The goods and services you sell in Australia are generally taxable unless they are GST-free.

This NSW GST Tax Calculator will help you to calculate the exact GST price you will need to pay additionally.

Basically, this GST tax calculator will help you to find out 

  1. How to calculate GST in Australia
  2. How much GST you need to pay or charge your customers

You can use this GST Cal or GST calculator, for your GST TAX calculations, it is users friendly and mobile responsive.

How To Use The Smart GST Calculator?

This video shows how to use the Smart GST Calc

What is GST?

GST refers to the goods and services tax (GST) It is a type of value-added tax (VAT), this is the most modern form of taxation that the Australian government has adopted and this is one of the lowest GST rates in the World. Over 160 countries have adopted this kind of tax considering its popularity as an effective source of generating money. 

One of its key features is its multi-stage nature, which means the GST is collected on every step of a product’s journey, from raw materials to final purchase. 

This new tax system was introduced by the then-Howard Liberal government in Australia in July 2000.GST is a broad-based tax applied to the value of most goods and services, we buy or sell. Currently, the current GST rate is 10% in Australia.

How To Calculate GST Australia?

Calculating GST is super easy once you understand the basics. Here is a step-by-step process to calculate GST (Goods and services)

Identifying The GST Applicable Amount.

First of all, you need to determine the total value of the goods or services for which GST is applicable. This contains the base price of the goods or services plus any additional charges such as delivery fees, packaging costs, or membership fees.

Applying The GST.

Once you have identified the GST applicable amount, then multiply it by the current GST rate. The standard GST rate in Australia is 10%, but in some cases, this rate could be higher, like luxury items may have a higher GST rate while others may be GST FREE.

Calculating The GST Amount.

Now, the GST amount is simply the amount that must be paid on the goods or services supplied, For example, if the total value of goods or services is $100, and the GST rate is 10%, then the GST amount would be $10.

Finally Adding The GST To The Base Price.

So, now you have to find out the total price including the GST. Simply add the GST to the base price. Considering the above example, our total price including the GST would be $110 ( $100 + $10= $110)

Alternate way of Calculating GST Australia.

If you don’t want any guesswork or manual calculation, then you can use our Smart GST Calc. This is a quick way to calculate GST Austria at a 10% GST rate. Simply enter you desired amount in our GST Calc, Select either GST INCLUSIVE OR GST EXCLUSIVE from the drop down menu, and hit CALCULATE GST to see the results.

How Much Is GST In Australia?

The Current GST (Goods and Services Tax) rate in Australia is 10%, which means for every $100 worth of goods or services you purchase, you will have to pay an additional $10 in GST.

The GST rate is applied to most goods and services sold in Australia, but there are still some exceptions. let’s have a look at the table below.

The businesses in Australia that have a GST turnover of $75000, are required to register for the GST. It means they have to collect the GST from their customers and pay it to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

Who can claim GST? Well, any business that is registered for GST can claim the GST credits for the GST it pays on its business purchases.

Smart GST Calculator, In this image you can see all information regarding Australian GST or VAT.
Smart GST Calculator

How To Calculate GST From Total Amount?

To find out the GST from the total, you simply have to multiply the total amount by the applicable GST rate.

For example, if the total amount of the goods or services purchased is $1000, then the GST amount can be calculated as follows, given that the current GST rate in Australia is 10%.

  1. GST amount = Total amount * GST rate/100
  2. GST amount = $1000 * 10 / 100
  3. The GST Amount = $1000 * 10 / 100
  4. GST Amount = $100.

Therefore, the GST amount of $1000 is $100. which means for every $1000 spent, an additional $100 is paid as GST in Australia.

GST Calculation Formula

To work out the 10% GST, you will have to multiply the price before GST by 1.1 (for example $100 multiplied by 1.1= $10 and the total price now is $110)

Having said that, the reverse GST calculator method is a little bit complicated. Here is what you have to do.

How to calculate GST inclusive?

  1. To calculate how much GST was included in the price, simply divide the price by 11.
    1. Example: $550/11=$50
  2. To calculate the price without GST, then simply divide the price by 1.1
    1. Example: $550/1.1= $500.

Here is another easy formula to calculate GST,
Total price including GST = Base price + (Base price × GST rate)


  • The total price including GST is the total price you will have to pay including the GST.
  • The base price is the original value of the goods or services before adding the GST.
  • The GST rate is the current GST rate in Australia, which is 10% at the moment.

For example, if the base price of the product is $100, then the total price including GST would be as follows.

Total price including GST = $100 + ($100 × 0.10) = $110

In addition, I would strongly recommend using our Smart GST Calc, which calculates both INCLUSIVE GST AND EXCLUSIVE GST at a 10% GST rate, but you can also select other GST rates, like 10%, 12.5%, and 15%.

Avoid This GST Calculation Mistake.

First, I would strongly recommend using this GST calc Australia but still, if you want to do manual GST calculation then avoid this kind of mistake.

For Example:
10% of $200 is $20, your GST INCLUSIVE price is $220. this is correct. ($200+10% = $220)

but if the price before GST is $220, then GST EXCLUSIVE would be $198. ($220-10% = $198), as some people miscalculate the percentage

List Of GST On Different Prices In Australia

#Price including GSTGST amount (10%)Price excluding GST
13 $3000$272.73$2727.27
For more complex numbers, like $2433, please use our GST calculator to calculate the GST INCLUSIVE OR GST EXCLUSIVE.

The FAQs

It is quite easy to figure out GST in Australia, having said that, there are two scenarios

1) To find out the GST amount, multiply the PRE-GST price by 10% (or 0.1)
2) To find out the PRE-GST price, divide the total price by 11 (e.g., $275/11 = $25 GST)

In Australia, the current Goods and Services Tax (GST) rate is 10%. This means most goods and services sold, will have a 10% tax added to their price.

Considering that the current GST rate is 10%in Australia, we simply have to multiply the $300 figure by 1.1 ($300 × 1.1= $330)

Calculating total GST depends on whether you have the price excluding GST (pre-GST price) or the price including GST (inclusive of GST). Here’s how to handle both scenarios:

1. Calculating GST when you have the pre-GST price:

  • Formula: GST amount = pre-GST price x GST rate
  • Example: If the pre-GST price is $100 and the GST rate is 10%, the GST amount is $100 x 10% = $10.
  • Total price: To find the total price, add the GST amount to the pre-GST price: $100 + $10 = $110.

2. Calculating GST when you have the inclusive price:

  • Formula: GST amount = total price / (1 + GST rate)
  • Example: If the total price is $110 and the GST rate is 10%, the GST amount is $110 / (1 + 10%) = $10.
  • Pre-GST price: To find the pre-GST price, subtract the GST amount from the total price: $110 – $10 = $100.

Yes, the GST rate in Australia is still 10%, and it has been since July 1, 2000.

Since the current GST rate in Australia is 10%, so you have to multiply the $200 figure by 1.1 ($200 × 1.1 = $220 )

Since we know the current GST rate is 10% in Australia, having said that simply multiply $400 by 1.1( $400 × 1.1 = $440).
And if you want to know how much GST is included in the figure $400, then simply divide this figure by 11, provided that the current GST rate is 10%.

E.g., $400/11 = $36.36 GST is included as GST.